Using the Future of Technology
For Today's Advertising

Dollarnests Leverages Machine Learning to Benefit Our Clients

Machine learning increases the lifetime value of all of our customers. We can easily show the right offer to each customer at each step of our marketing funnels. By analyzing the history of each user and the similarities they have with other customers, we are able to better predict their likes and habits to show the user your most relevant products.

Core Features

  • Systems


    We create systems that optimize our advertising efforts. Including split testing of all advertising components.

  • Proprietary Formulas

    Proprietary Formulas

    Our formulas are the most important component of our technologies. We’ve worked hard to filter out the chatter and maintain the main driving factors.

  • Personalization


    The key to marketing is being relevant to the user experiencing it. We personalize the experience as much as possible via machine learning.

  • Historical Data

    Historical Data

    To understand how a user will interact with our funnels we track and analyze thousands of historical data points.

  • Build


    Product development allows us to bring to life the systems and tools that make us stand out from the crowd. If our clients can imagine it we can build it.

Behind The Algorithms

Behind The Algorithms

Making user acquisition our primary objective transformed our way of thinking about online marketing. Behind every view, click and ultimately a conversion is a human being. Influencing their action on the web through language and imagery has lead us to better understand the stories that need to be told to drive action. These stories follow a programmatic approach that increases the likelihood of that human being to convert into a customer for our clients.

How Our Algorithms Are Being Used

How Our Algorithms Are Being Used

As the internet continues to evolve so does online marketing and user acquisitions. Dollarnests prides itself in being at the forefront of the new machine learning and real time bidding technology. These technologies turn into customer facing internal products.

Machine Learning helps identify the correct product to pitch, to the correct user, at the correct time. This allows for dynamic and personalized experience on a user by user basis. More importantly it creates experiences that generate the most profit for our clients.

As users can also be in different sections of the advertising and purchasing funnels, our technology identifies the best angle and message to deliver.